Hello, Bedecked

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1 - verb
"He led us into a room bedecked with tinsel"

2 - noun
awesome presentation generator.
"I made this presentaion with bedecked."

Fancy presentation tools require bulky software or ninja coding and design skills.

Bedecked does not.

But if you have those skills, that's cool too.

Presentations are written as text files, e.g. markdown:

# I'm a slide title!

I'm some slide text!

Bedecked inserts slide breaks when there are two or more empty lines in a row:

 # I'm a slide!

 ## I'm another slide!

 ## I'm a third!

 With some text.

We're using the awesome reavel.js presentation framework. So you can have sweet features like basement slides...

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... and lots of other neat stuff too.

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By the way you make basement slides in bedecked by indenting:

 ## I'm a top level side

   ## I'm a basement slide

   ## Yet another basement slide

 ## Back to the top level

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Markdown + HTML

Bedecked presentations are just text files. If you know markdown you can make awesome presentations.

(If you don't it's super easy)

Don't believe me? Check out the markdown for this presentation:


Why text files?

  • Focus on your content while writing, not style.
  • Have a text editor? You're ready to start writing.
  • Have a browser? You can view a presentation.

Exporting a single HTML file means presentations are easy to share with Dropbox or S3.

Mobile users can enjoy your presentations too.

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By the way you don't have to use markdown. Jade and vanilla HTML are fine too.

Sold. Where can I get it?